The Global Network for
Next Generation Tech Leaders
City Fellows Consortium is an international innovation-centered program for top undergraduate engineering students. Fellows are selected from the most elite and technically progressive universities. Consortium focuses on building local community ties for every Fellow, including VC, government, early stage technology companies, and leading technology enterprises.
Traditional Education Lacks
Practical Preparation
Traditional education is neither focused on modern professional preparation, nor advanced leadership development. Though strong practical and theoretical abilities may be acquired on campus, critical real-world applications are deficient. City Fellows Consortium supplements the university experience with professional preparation across a breadth of industries and high-level networks relevant to Fellows’ interest and on-campus studies.
The Problem With On-Campus Education
The Problem On-Campus
  • Students choose and specialize in a field of study quickly, and are often rewarded academically by pursuing a narrow focus too early.
  • Professional networking on-campus is limited or unavailable, and an often unexplored skill.
  • The ability to test career paths is restricted to months-long internships, limiting scope and stifling career exploration.
City Fellows Solution Off-Campus
City Fellows Solution Off-Campus
  • Opportunity to broadly explore professional options and fields of interest.
  • Connection to other Fellows across universities, areas of study, and graduation year, to build networks with one another, as well as together with professional industry leaders.
  • Access to the inner workings of a profession and sector through the engineer and/or technical product lead’s perspective, constituting a dozen or more “tests” of profession each year.
The Power of Our Network
Through City Fellows, a Fellow’s community expands beyond a student’s campus network to include the leaders within their city.
How do we support the growth of
regional technology and startup hubs?

Exceptional talent educated locally often leaves for Silicon Valley or other primary tech centers upon graduation, and for VCs and secondary tech hubs, this loss is critical. Though talent recruitment and retention is imperative for the advancement of an innovation hub, there is a gap between these hubs and the city’s student engineers with relevant skills. City Fellows moderates the under-optimization of young talent and leadership and its detrimental impact on the broader community by connecting regional technology and startup hubs with top student talent before it is lost from the ecosystem for internships and post-graduation roles.

City Fellows bridges the gap between the incredible talent and original innovation found on university and college campuses, with local startups, VC, government and leading local enterprises through engaging in meaningful conversations and supporting targeted recruitment, which in traditional campus settings often begin too late and lack depth. The gulf between top talent and the companies or groups to which their skills may be relevant post-graduation is bridged with City Fellows Consortium.

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