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Consortium goes far beyond conventional career development programs. We foster a brighter future through the advancement of Gen Z talent, and the empowerment of young leaders to define their path and to curate a peer and mentor network that nourishes their own influence and
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Los Angeles
Alyse Killeen, Venture Capitalist

Alyse Killeen, Managing Partner at StillMark Co., is a Venture Capital Investor with seed stage to pre-IPO investment experience in enterprise and consumer technologies. Killeen co-founded City Fellows Consortium in 2015, and is the Regional Director of Los Angeles, the Consortium’s first regional hub. Killeen has presented globally for groups including International Monetary Fund, Singapore Management University, USA Today, and TechCrunch Disrupt. Featured in publications including Forbes, Bloomberg, International Business Times, and Newsweek, she is an author published in in the award-winning Handbook of Digital Currency in 2015, and in Handbook of Blockchain, Digital Finance, and Inclusion in 2017, the latter of which she co-authored “Global Financial Institutions 2.0” with Dr. Chan of the World Bank.

In 2015, the UN Foundation named Killeen a Top 70 Bay Area Digital Leader, and in 2016, Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), a university under the ambit of Singapore’s national Ministry of Education, appointed her as a Fintech Fellow. Advisory Board Member to several cutting-edge startups and member of the Board of Directors at BitGive, Bitcoin’s first 501(c)(3) nonprofit, she is also a Mentor at Plug and Play Tech Accelerator and Alchemist Accelerator in Silicon Valley, and a member of New York Fashion Tech Lab’s Expert Network and XRC Lab’s advisory community in New York City.

ERNIE TAO, research scientist

Dr. Ernie Teo, Research Scientist at IBM, is an economist by training and academic background who applies the practice of social science to the field of technology. At IBM, Teo is a team member at the Center for Blockchain Innovation, a collaboration with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) for the development of applications and solutions that are based on enterprise blockchain, cyber-security, and cognitive computing technologies. Prior to his role at IBM, Teo was a Research Fellow at Singapore Management University (SMU), an Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University, and an Associate Lecturer at UNSW in Sydney Australia. Most recently at SMU, Teo’s research focused on emerging trends in the arenas of digital currency, financial technology, and socioeconomic inclusion, with focus paid to the advancement of the academic literature on the subjects of microeconomic theory and applied game theory within these three arenas.

Teo is a broadly published author, distributed by groups including Elsevier (the world’s largest academic publisher) and Ernst and Young’s Global Financial Services Institute. He has spoken and led industry conferences both locally and internationally, including with International Monetary Fund, Singapore Management University, National University of Singapore, and the Smart Nation, Silicon Valley Technology and Connectivity Inclusion Initiative housed at Stanford University. He is an advisor to several early stage startups focused on frontier technologies.

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Our Regional Directors are well-connected members of their innovation communities, and have a passion and commitment to the ongoing development of their local enterprise, startup, and innovation culture. Via City Fellows, Directors have the opportunity to more closely engage with the technology community and its leadership, connecting top undergraduate engineers to key figures in the venture capital, technology, and government groups that comprise their region’s innovation economy, bringing these established teams into conversation with emerging student talent. City Fellows creates a talent infrastructure of next gen technical leadership, and through the insights and network of our Regional Directors, this talent is accelerated, emboldened, and utilized in the innovation-minded community off campus.