The Fellowship

The Consortium’s Fellowship is an 8-month program that runs the course of an academic year, and includes up to 20 of a region’s most gifted engineering, computer science, and technical product-focused undergraduates. Often our Fellows rank in the top five students of their incoming class, or have distinguished themselves in another commensurate way, including through research work, startup building, or non-profit leadership. Every Fellow is distinguished by their measurable aim to contribute to the advancement of technology and engineering, and the influence that can have on their community and the world.

City Fellow membership is based on the nomination of the local Student Director and other Fellows or alumni, and the review and selection of Regional Directors working in partnership with the local Student Director. The review process is discerning, thus more than half of candidates interview are invited to fellowship.

We are a global network of Fellows committed to a leadership path with purpose

What We Offer To Fellows

City Fellows offers you (prospective Fellow) the opportunity to discover the wide-ranging real-world applications of the skills you learn on-campus, advancing your professional abilities and prospects post-graduation either within a company or as an entrepreneur. Each year, you’ll review a dozen or more work scenarios relevant to your skill set that vary by industry, company development stage, functional role, and business type, and you’ll learn about each from the perspective of the company’s technical leadership. You’ll also hear about these leaders’ own professional paths, the challenges they solve at work, and how they think about the technology or product they’re advancing.

Outside of these company meetings, you’ll additionally learn how venture capital investors make decisions. If you are considering a future that includes entrepreneurship, here you’ll have the opportunity to learn to “pitch”, develop business models around technology innovations, as well as how to secure the resources needed to grow your own company. Through all of this and post-graduation, you’ll have access to a private network of your City Fellow peers and other networks introduced through City Fellows Consortium.

The resources City Fellows generates can guide you to optimize your career and impact by providing a breadth of experience, a pathway to career selection, and a robust and supportive professional network all early in your career.

How can we help solve the problem
with traditional education?

College students - especially the most academically distinguished students – can be insulated by classes well-suited to producing future academics and industry-specific operators. Yet, the competencies imperative to leaders - to intrapreneurs or entrepreneurs - are lacking. Further, a precise career path is set much too early and skills are presented without professional application, both contributing to the under-optimization of talent.

City Fellows Consortium is a second layer solution to university education that develops exceptional innovation-minded leaders, including future corporate intrapreneurs and independent entrepreneurs. Consortium presents exposure to the professional application of learned skills and innate talents. Through City Fellows Consortium, Fellows test out a multitude of sectors, roles, challenge types, and teams, thereby equipping each Fellow to optimize post-graduation career decisions and professional trajectory.

Engage in real-world applications
Supplement your traditional college experience by applying your knowledge and skills in a multitude of professional settings.
Develop your place (niche) in technology ecosystems
Review work scenarios relevant to your skill set, learn from industry leaders, and then use this insight to define your path in engineering and technology.
Meet other fellows.
Connect with other exceptionally talented Fellows to build relationships that propel you and your peers toward impact in the areas you choose.
Leverage our resources (network)
Generate a robust professional network, including leaders in VC, startups and innovative big business.
Become an innovative leader
Apply your talent, skills from traditional education, and experiences from Consortium towards a fulfilling and well-suited path.
Influence your community and world
Optimize your career and make an impact.

Should we start a chapter in
you city?

We are always looking for motivated individuals to lead
as city or student directors