Regional and Student Directors
Reginal Director
Our Regional Directors are respected members of their innovation communities, and have a passion and commitment to the ongoing development of their local startup, enterprise, and innovation culture. Via City Fellows, Directors become more closely engaged with the technology community and its leadership, connecting top undergraduate engineers to key figures in the venture capital, technology, and government groups that comprise their region’s innovation economy. City Fellows creates a talent infrastructure of next gen technical leadership, and through the insights and network of the Regional Directors, accelerates our Fellows’ professional aptitude in the technology community.
Student Directors
Student Directors are also Fellows in the Consortium program, and are the most critical component of new and growing regional City Fellows Consortium hubs. The ideal Student Director is aware of and respected by their peers, both on campus and across local campuses, and is comfortable to lead the City Fellows group in their engagement with and utilization of City Fellows resources and network. One or two Student Directors are selected for each region to foster positive relationships and assist others in developing their niche in the local ecosystem.

Advancing the Next Generation 
of Technology Leadership

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